Color-Depositing Shampoo | 10 Best Color-Depositing Shampoos

November 12, 2022

Color-Depositing Shampoo | 10 Best Color-Depositing Shampoos

In this article, you'll find the 10 best color-depositing shampoos by Four Reasons. This content covers how color-adding shampoos work, why you need them, and some helpful tips.


If you’re looking to color your hair at home or use the service of an expert, you need a color-depositing shampoo to maintain your hair color’s vibrancy. Color-treating your hair makes you stand out, but it comes with some responsibilities. To protect and maintain your hair color, you have to keep using the right hair care products.

Shampoos for colored hair are helpful when it comes to maintaining your hair’s shine. They help to keep your hair healthy and to prevent color fading. Have you ever lost your hair’s brilliance shortly after coloring? It happens to many people. And it’s very annoying. 

You don’t have to go through that again. We have recommended high-quality shampoos for color-treated hair you can use to maintain the glow of your hair for as long as possible.

Chapter One

Color-Depositing Shampoo: 10 Best Shampoos for Your Colored Hair

Color Mask shampoos by Four Reasons are the best products for color-treated hair. Four Reasons stands out as the go-to brand for high-quality hair care products. 

1. Color Mask Shampoo Red: Best for Colored Red and Brown Hair

  • Toning shampoo for colored red hair
  • Deposits shiny red tone to colored red and brown hair
  • Compliant with European quality requirements
    • Sulfate-free formula
    • It thoroughly and gently cleanses the hair
    • Makes hair healthier and aesthetically appealing
    • Revives faded hair color and restores its brilliance
    • Gets rid of static
    • Combine with Color Mask Toning Treatment Red for an improved result
    • Vegan and cruelty-free
    • Both packaging and the manufacturing processes are eco-friendly

    2. Color Mask Shampoo Bronze: Best for Colored Blonde or Light Brown hair

  • Toning shampoo for colored blonde or light brown hair
  • It meets strict European quality assessment standards
    • It’s vegan and devoid of harsh ingredients
    • Leaves metallic bronze-tone on colored light brown hair
    • Makes hair healthy after a thorough and gentle cleansing
    • Brings back faded color and restores the glow
    • Sulfate-free formula
    • Gets rid of static and restores brilliance
    • Eco-friendly packaging and manufacturing processes

    3. Color Mask Shampoo Apricot:Best for Colored Blonde and Light Copper Hair

  • Toning shampoo for colored blonde and light copper hair
  • Compliant with European quality specifications
  • Leaves golden copper tone on colored blonde hair
    • It restores the sparkle of colored hair
    • Sulfate-free formula
    • Contains ingredients that cleanse hair thoroughly and gently
    • Gets rid of static and brings back the glow of dyed hair
    • Combine with Color Mask Toning Treatment Apricot for better results
    • Safe, vegan, and eco-friendly

    4. Color Mask Shampoo Chocolate: Best for Colored Brown Hair

  • Toning shampoo for colored brown hair
  • It meets quality assessment requirements in Europe
      • High-quality ingredients that properly cleanse hair
      • It restores the shine of colored hair
      • It’s free of harsh ingredients
      • Gets rid of static and brings back the brilliance of color-treated hair
  • Contains Vitamin B5, which retains moisture and keeps hair hydrated
  • Has vegetable protein that repairs and makes hair healthy
    • Safe, vegan, and environmentally friendly

    5. Color Mask Shampoo Platinum:Best for Colored Light Blonde, Silver, or Gray Hair

  • Toning shampoo for colored light blonde, silver, or gray hair
  • Gets rid of brassy yellow tones and leaves platinum blonde silver tone
  • High-quality and meets European quality specifications
    • It’s sulfate-free
    • Contains vegetable protein that repairs and makes hair shiny & healthy
    • Contains vitamin B5 that retains moisture and keeps hair hydrated
    • Safe and vegan
    • Packaged in eco-friendly materials
    • Produced using green and sustainable manufacturing processes

    6. Color Mask Shampoo Pearl:Best for Light Blonde Hair

      • Toning shampoo for colored blonde hair
  • Gets rid of the brassy yellow tones and adds an attractive pearlescent blonde tone
  • High-quality and meets European quality requirements
      • Properly cleanses hair
      • Brings back the glow and shine of colored hair
      • Free of sulfates
      • Safe, vegan, and environmentally friendly
  • Comes with vegetable protein that nourishes and repairs hair
  • Contains vitamin B5 for hydration
    • No harsh ingredients

    7. Color Mask Shampoo Rose Pink:Best for Colored Blonde or Pink Hair

      • Toning shampoo for colored blonde or pink hair
      • Leaves bright pink tone on hair
      • European quality and reliability 
      • Properly cleanses hair
      • For improved results, pair with Color Mask Treatment Rose Pink
      • Free of sulfates
      • Contains no harsh ingredients
      • Safe, vegan, and eco-friendly
      • Produced with green and sustainable manufacturing methods
  • It repairs hair, improves glow, and keeps hair hydrated
  • 8. Color Mask Shampoo Rose Gold:Best for Colored Blonde or Rose Gold Hair

      • Toning shampoo for colored blonde or rose gold hair
      • Properly cleanses hair
      • Leaves hair shiny and healthy
      • Made from high-quality ingredients
      • Produced using green and sustainable manufacturing methods
      • Free from sulfates
      • Safe, eco-friendly, and vegan
      • Revives faded hair color
  • Contains ingredients that repair and moisturize hair
    • No harmful chemicals

    9. Silver Shampoo:Best for Eliminating Yellow Tones from Blonde Hair

      • Effectively removes yellow tones
  • Moisturizes and keeps hair soft
    • Manufactured in Europe 
    • Meets European quality specifications
    • Cruelty-free and vegan
    • Packaging is recyclable
    • Produced using sustainable manufacturing methods

    10. No Yellow Shampoo:Best for Eliminating Yellow Tones in Blonde Hair

  • Contains intense violet pigments that neutralize yellow tones
  • Purple shampoo for blonde, lightened, and grey hair
    • Meets European quality assessment requirements
    • Vegan formula and recyclable packaging
    • Safe and devoid of harsh ingredients
    • Sustainable manufacturing practices
    • High-quality ingredients that intensively nourish hair

    Are you finding it difficult to spot a product that perfectly suits your hair color? Find your perfect color mask shade with the simple quiz on our website. In addition to pigmented shampoos, we have color-depositing conditioners designed to maintain the glow of your colored hair.

    Chapter Two

    How Color-Depositing Shampoos Work and Why You Need It

    If you have been looking to know what color mask shampoos do, this chapter explains all you need to know. And you'll appreciate the need for color-adding shampoos if you want to maintain your colored hair. 

    A color-depositing shampoo can be defined as a mild cleanser that contains color pigments. When used to wash hair, it leaves pigments on your hair - enabling you to achieve your desired toning results. Color mask shampoos can be used to achieve a wide range of results, including:

    • Brightening hair color: Did you color your hair and you’re looking for a way to keep the glow? What you need is a pigment-depositing shampoo. With the right color shade, you can quickly brighten your hair color. In addition to helping you maintain the glow, the product also improves the overall health of your hair.

    • Reviving faded hair color: After color-treating your hair, the pigments are expected to fade over time. Again, pigment-depositing shampoos are useful here! You can use it to achieve two things: slow down the pace of fading and restore faded hair color. 

    Depending on your hair type and preferences, weekly washing with the right product can give you a great outcome.

    • Neutralizing hair color (removing brassiness): Is there a color tone you’re looking to get rid of? For those with blonde hair, you may need to get rid of yellow tones. With a color mask shampoo, you can neutralize your color to achieve the perfect tone you have always wanted.

    • Dye your hair: If you want to change your color entirely, pigment-adding shampoos are helpful. All you need to do is get the color you want and follow the instructions on the label for the best results possible.

    Pigment-depositing shampoos enable you to achieve a range of hair care goals. Instead of waiting till every salon visit to improve your color, you can quickly achieve the tone you want from the comfort of your home. This helps to maintain your hair’s aesthetic appeal all the time and for as long as possible.

    Chapter Three

    How to Choose the Best Color-Depositing Shampoo: What to Look for

    There is a wide collection of color-adding shampoos. Many brands claim to offer the best products. Choosing the right product that suits your needs can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know the factors to look out for. Here are the things to consider when shopping for a pigment-depositing shampoo:

    1. Compatibility With Your Hair Color

    The first step in choosing a pigment-adding shampoo is to ensure you understand your current hair color and the type of product you need to reach your hair care goals. Applying the wrong shade of color won’t give you the desired results 

    As a result, you need to take a close look at your existing hair color and carefully decide on the best color-depositing shampoo shade to go for. For instance, using a toning shampoo that is formulated to get rid of unwanted tones in darker hair colors may cause undesirable stains on lighter hair. This explains why you need to consider compatibility before picking a product.

    2. What Are Your Goals?

    The results you want determine the type of product you’re to pick. Are you looking to get rid of unwanted undertones? Do you want to entirely alter the color of your hair? What about brightening your existing hair color?  

    Whether you’re looking to experiment with a new color or trying to restore the shine of your faded hair, there is a wide range of products to help you get the results you want. For example, our Color Mask Shampoo Platinum gets rid of brassy yellow tones, while Color Mask Shampoo Chocolate restores the brilliance of colored hair.

    3. Product Formula

    Take a close look at the ingredients to ensure everything is ‘friendly’ and of great quality. Look out for products that are formulated with vegan, pigment-rich, and ‘gentle’ ingredients that add color and nourishment.

    In addition, check if a product offers benefits other than the color it deposits. For instance, our Color Mask Shampoo for light blonde hair contains vegetable protein, which repairs hair, and vitamin B5, which moisturizes and keeps hair hydrated. It’s advisable to look out for products that have more than the pigments to offer.

    4. Quality Assessment

    Beyond understanding the type of product that is suitable for you, there is a need to ensure the product does what the label claims. This is where quality comes in. How do you know a product is of great quality? It’s easy! Check where the product is manufactured and a statement concerning its safety and quality assurance. 

    For example, all our color-depositing shampoos and conditioners are manufactured in Europe and they all meet strict European quality assessment requirements. And we’re clear about this on each product description. Any product that is worth your hard-earned money should be of great quality. Don’t settle for less than the best!

    How to Apply Color-Depositing Shampoo + Best Practices

    To ensure you get the best results, apply pigmented shampoos following the manufacturer’s instructions. In addition, there are some best practices you need to adopt.

    How to apply a color-adding shampoo:

    • Wet Your hair: The first thing to do is to make your hair wet. If needed, you can wash with a regular shampoo.

    • Apply the Product: We recommend applying color mask shampoo in sections. This is to ensure an even distribution of the pigments. The sectional application enables you to properly attend to every part of your hair.

    • Lather Well: Work on your hair and let the shampoo lather well

    • Wait for 2-5 Minutes: Leave on for 2-5 minutes depending on the desired intensity.

    • Rinse Properly: Wash the shampoo out of your hair. Note that your hair’s porosity, condition, and current shade affect the result’s evenness.

    Important best practices to adopt for better results:

    • Read the Product Instruction: Check the label on the product for more instructions on how the product works. Give attention to details. More often than not, users assume they already know how a product works. Always go through the label to see if there is anything to take note of.

    • Frequency of Use: Check the product label for the recommended frequency of use. If there is no such information, you can work with a frequency that best suits your hair. 

    Chapter Four

    5 Tips to Maintain Your Hair Color

    To maintain your hair’s shine, you must be willing to protect it from factors that accelerate color fading. Here are some tips to help you take care of your colored hair:

    1. Wash Less Often

    Each time you wash your hair, the pigments are prone to being washed down the drain. The effect of washing may not be apparent initially. But after some time, you’ll notice that the color is beginning to fade. 

    Even though using a pigment-depositing shampoo can help maintain the shine, the best practice is to reduce the frequency of washing. In addition to not over-working your hair, washing less often is also cost-effective.

    2. Control Water temperature when Washing

    Washing your hair with hot water accelerates color fading. Subjecting your colored hair to high temperatures causes the cuticle layers to open, which makes it easier for the pigments to flow out. 

    Even though heat is useful when washing non-colored hair, you have to do things differently with color-treated hair. Warm water is recommended - preferably water of the same temperature as your body.

    3. Stay Away From Heat Styling Procedures

    Just like hot water, heat styling tools and procedures can accelerate color loss by opening up the hair cuticles. If you want your color to last as long as it should, opt for alternatives to heat styling processes. In a situation where that is impossible, you need to find a way to minimize the effect of heat on your hair.

    4. Use a Heat Protectant Spray

    When it’s difficult to avoid heat styling tools entirely, you can significantly reduce the effect of heat on your hair by creating a protective layer around the hair. Forming a barrier around the hair reduces the amount of heat that reaches the hair directly. 

    Our Heat Styler, a heat protection spray, offers effective protection, makes hair easier to manage, and speeds up styling without damaging the hair. We also have Heat Shieldthat effectively protects hair from the impact of heated styling tools.

    5. Protect Your Hair from Things that Cause Discoloration

    To maintain your hair’s glow, avoid things that are capable of discoloring it, ranging from environmental factors to harsh chemicals. For example, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays negatively impacts the brilliance of colored hair. 

    To spend an extended period in the sun, make sure your hair is covered or apply a conditioner that offers UV and heat protection.

    If you always go out to swim, you have to take precautionary measures to prevent your hair from coming in contact with salty water or a chlorine-treated swimming pool. Put on a swimmer’s cap when going out to swim. If possible, add a conditioner to your hair. This is to create an extra layer of protection.

    Chapter Five

    Why are Four Reasons Color-Depositing Shampoos the Best?

    Four Reasons is a leading hair care brand with an extensive collection of products that stand out from the crowd. Here are the four reasons our products are worth checking out:

    1. Innovative Products

    We have a wide collection of products that are designed to take the hair care game to the next level. Users are yearning for something better. And we’re here to make them smile with best-of-breed products. All our products stand out with innovative capabilities. With us, you’re sure of the best!

    2. Best Quality

    All our products are manufactured in Europe. And they meet the strict European quality assurance requirements. What’s more, the products are produced using safe and sustainable manufacturing practices. We’re proud to say that our products are among the best on the market.

    3. Highly Effective

    One of our primary goals is to stand out with products that enable users to get the kind of hair they have always dreamt of. Consequently, our products are formulated with high-quality ingredients. We deliver beyond your expectations.

    4. Largest Collection of Color-Depositing Shampoos and Conditioners

    We have a wide range of color-depositing shampoos and conditioners you can use to enhance and highlight the colors in your life. There is an up-to-date selection of hair toning shampoos and treatments to improve the color of your hair subtly or boldly. 

    No matter what your preferred shade is, we have vegan and pigment-rich products that can be used to restore the vibrancy of your hair color or to create a new shade.

    Our offers include products for blonde hair carescalp careMoisture & hydrationfrizz controlcurl enhancement, and more. In addition to offering first-rate products, we’re committed to giving our customers an exciting shopping experience.

    Leverage our Bundle Builder Products package to save up to 20% and also enjoy free shipping on any order more than $30. You can always reach out to us for assistance. We’ll be happy to lend a helping hand.