Direct Dye and Color Protection

Direct dye creates a stunning gloss and finish for hair and is perfect for toning hair and playing with colors. Color Mask Art direct dyes are easy to apply and fade beautifully within a scale of shades. The toning Four Reasons Color Mask cleaning and hair care products have been developed for dyed dark, blonde and red hair and can fulfill many different needs and wishes. You can extend the lifetime of a dye, maintain the warmth of a tone or apply a new, fresh tone to your hair.

Color Mask Art

Color Mask Art is a gel-like direct dye that is easy to apply. The shade fades beautifully

true-to-tone. The result lasts for approx. 3–20 washes depending on the condition of hair and the tone used. You will achieve the brightest and longest-lasting results by applying the Color Mask Art direct dye on pre-lightened, pure blonde hair. Note that the lightest shades are visible only in hair that has been bleached white. Vegan and ammonia-free formula. You can mix and match Color Mask Art shades to create unique results.

  • A versatile color palette for direct dye techniques and finishing toning in the salon
  • True-to-tone color fades without changing the tonal quality of the shade
  • Can be removed by lightening
  • Can be used for maintaining a shade
  • Neon Yellow Topaz, Neon Orange Jade and Neon Pink Ruby glow in black UV-light when used in lightened hair

Further information about Color Mask Art products

Further information about Color Mask Art products >

Four Reasons Color Mask

Four Reasons Color Mask is a modern selection of toning washing and haircare products that allow you to emphasize and maintain hair tone either subtly or boldly. The nourishing and pigment-rich composition is vegan-friendly and extends the lifetime of a dye while maintaining its intensity. With these stunning tones you can maintain and tone the trendiest hair dyes at home!

Color protection between dyes

Color Mask is an easy solution for the most common challenge with dyed hair: fading. The high concentration of pigment in the products ensures that the intensity of recently dyed hair is maintained for a long time between dyeing. You can intensify your hair color whenever it needs to be revitalized. Challenging shades of red are also easy to maintain as glowingly intense with Color Mask.

Maintaining the coolness or warmth of a tone

Color Mask products are also efficient in maintaining and fine-tuning cool or warm tones. Blonde hair stays bright and cool and warm browns stay rich. Silver, purple and cool brown tones stay stylishly cool. Warm red shades glow for a long time with just the right amount of copper tone.


For those who want some variety, Color Mask products are an easy way of introducing new nuances to their hair. Delight in the luxurious tones of rose gold or intense pink in blond hair, tone light brown hair to become a metallic bronze or give a purple shade to dark hair.

Use Four Reasons Color Mask products in your salon

  • as a product for customers to maintain dyed hair at home
  • for toning porous hair
  • for toning ends that are too light
  • for finalizing a shade at the wash basin
  • for post-pigmentation.
  • If hair structure is so damaged that oxidized color pigments do not adhere to hair. Color Mask is a gentle alternative for tinting hair.

Four Reasons Color Mask Shampoo

Rich in color pigment, Color Mask Toning Shampoos clean color-treated hair as gently as possible, increase shine and effectively remove static electricity. The hydrolyzed wheat protein and Pantenol (vitamin B5) contained in the product strengthen color-treated hair. Use instead of traditional shampoo whenever you want to boost the intensity of your hair color and increase its glow. Sulfate-free formula.

Four Reasons Color Mask Treatment

As well as a rich dose of pigment, our toning Color Mask Treatments give your hair strength and nourishment with the help of plant-based proteins and amino acids. The end result is healthy hair with a vibrant blaze of color. Use instead of traditional conditioner whenever your hair color needs refreshing.

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