The hair color line of your dreams

Four Reasons Optima

What is your dream hair color like? We asked this question from a thousand hair stylists to create the perfect hair color line. We selected the most important wishes from the replies and developed our new color line, Four Reasons Optima, based on those wishes.

Optima blurs the line between permanent and semi-permanent colors – you can use the same versatile color line for all kinds of color work that is needed in the salon. The shades are beautifully translucent and exceptionally deep at the same time. Optima is perfume-free and 100 % vegan.

Four Reasons to love Optima


Excellent coverage


Brilliant shine


Perfume-free – personalize with scented drops!


Dependable and easy to use

Repairs, hydrates and boosts shine

In the core of the hair color is our exclusive HydraRepair™ technology, which is based on the effects of plant-based keratin and collagen working together. The damage-repairing properties of phytokeratin and the intensively hydrating properties of phytocollagen support each other’s functions within the HydraRepair™ technology, protecting, repairing and hydrating hair during the processing time.

In addition to the HydraRepair™ technology, Optima also features nourishing natural oils. Meadowfoam seed oil is derived from the Meadowfoam flower’s seeds and contains 98 % of high-quality, well absorbing fatty acids that give hair a lustrous shine. Mono de Tahiti oil, the authentic, luxurious Monoi oil strengthens and nourishes fragile, dry hair effectively and deeply hydrates hair within its structure. Baobab oil is derived from the nutrient-rich seeds inside the nut of the Baobab tree and contains large quantities of A, D, E and F vitamins and helps in maintaining the ideal moisture balance.

Shade families with character

Cover shades combine powerful coverage and a brown tone. Cover shades have been divided into three groups: cool, neutral and warm. When used alone, these shades give a soft, beautiful tone while also covering grey hair.

Reflection shades are pre-mixed, natural tone combinations that create fantastic, muted brown and copper tones.

Intense shades are intensive and pure. They can be used alone to create a strong tone or mixed with other shades when you want to intensify the shade’s character.

Mixer shades are the creative tools of the color line that can be used to change the chosen shades as wanted or to create strong, extremely vibrant colors.

Highlift shades achieve a powerful lightening effect and an effective neutralizing of yellow tones at the same time.

Makeover creates the ideal base

Four Reasons Optima Makeover creates the perfect base for the color pigments to work in an ideal way. It makes the coloring result look purer and tone-rich. Baobab oil, avocado oil and bamboo extract nourish hair and protect its structure during the processing time.

Use Four Reasons Optima Makeover to remove previous color before coloring the hair if:

  • the current, artificial shade is different from the desired shade
  • you want to achieve a clear tonal change, like from ash to gold or from cool red to copper
  • you want the result to be clearly lighter than the current color
  • the ends have several visible layers of different colors
  • you want to remove direct dye

Personalize the coloring experience with scents

For some customers, Optima’s perfume-free formula is just right; for others, luxurious fragrances are a part of the experience of going to a salon. You can personalize the color mixture when desired by adding the scented Mood Booster to a color mixture that is ready to use. Mix until smooth before application.

You can choose the relaxing, lightly oriental Green Tea or the sweet and fruity Fruit Cocktail.

Optima color line

Four Reasons Optima Perfume-free hair color for professional use.

Four Reasons Optima Cream Oxid 1,5 %, 3 %, 6 %, 9 %, 12 % Developer for Four Reasons Optima hair color. Perfume-free.

Four Reasons Optima Makeover Color remover for oxidizing color and direct dye. Includes perfume.

Four Reasons Optima Mood Booster Fruit Cocktail Scented drops to be mixed with hair color. Sweet, fruity scent.

Four Reasons Optima Mood Booster Green Tea Scented drops to be mixed with hair color. Green tea scent.

All products are 100% vegan.

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