Our range of lighteners includes solutions for all lightening tasks of a salon, such as major color changes, foil highlighting and lightening roots. The KC Shield technology of the KC Blonde Multibleach lightening agent protects hair from damage, making several consecutive processes possible. The most intense lightening results can be achieved by using KC Bleach Ultralift 9+. All of our lighteners are fragrance-free.

KC Blonde Multibleach

KC Blonde Multibleach includes the KC Shield technology which prevents structural damage and protects hair during lightening. The KC Shield technology allows up to four consecutive lightening process, which is helpful for making big color changes in the salon. Multibleach also does not need to be washed out of the hair between consecutive lightening processes, which dramatically speeds up the process compared to traditional methods. This enables you to achieve a clean blonde end result with one salon visit while maintaining the hair in good condition. The product is fragrance-free.

KC Bleach Ultralift 9+

KC Bleach Ultralift 9+ lightening powder lightens hair up to 9 shades with one application. The efficient and fast-acting KC Bleach Ultralift 9+ can be used with all lightening techniques. It is best used for getting the hair as clear blonde as possible with one application, such as with foil highlights. The lightening powder is pleasant to use because the bleaching compound is easy to apply and remains moist and flexible during application. The product contains a polymer which protects the hair during lightening, but due to the product’s potency we recommend that it is used on hair that is in normal or good condition. Fragrance-free and ammonia-free formula.

KC Bleach

KC Bleach lightening powder’s soft and creamy consistency guarantees effective lightening with all techniques. The fully dust-free powder makes using the product pleasant and safe. The bleaching compound does not swell, dry or crack during the application but remains moist and flexible throughout. Lightens up to 6 shades gently and quickly. Fragrance-free and ammonia-free formula.

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