About Four Reasons

We Love the Real You

We walk the front line, championing diversity, and defend everyone’s right to feel beautiful. We inspire and empower people to appreciate themselves as they are — perfectly imperfect – and offer them the tools for strengthening their self-image.

Who we are?

We believe in the wonderful imperfection of life. We believe in people, passion, authenticity and you. We believe that everyone is beautiful as they are, down to the last strand of hair. These are our four reasons.
We started some 20 years ago from scratch. We grew into the most successful hair product company in Finland by working hard and with a passion. We have swum against the current, boldly done things our own way and celebrated being different without paying attention to beauty ideals.


We Love the Real You


Feel beautiful


To inspire and empower people with sustainable products, the best service and a world-wide beauty community

Brand Purpose

People’s dissatisfaction with their looks has increased significantly in recent years. Studies show that up to 50% of young people have a negative self-image. The increased use of social media has raised the social pressure related to appearance. Being continuously exposed to the ideals created by society and the media has a negative impact on how young people in particular view themselves and their bodies.

It’s time to take a step forward and defend everyone’s right to feel beautiful

what are yours?

Our Four Reasons

- 01

At Four Reasons, we’re a family – noisy, composed, vivacious, funny, creative, sometimes a little odd. We’re all different. You’ll fit in well.

- 02

We do what we do with passion. It sparkles, grows and breaks the mold. It’s the courage to color outside the lines.

- 03

We have the courage to be our real selves and do things our own way. Our products are beautiful to look at and even more wonderful to use. They are carefully made from high-quality ingredients, and they work.

- 04

We know that life can be wonderful, sad, fun, boring, straightforward and complicated. We want to make your good hair days great and even the bad ones better. We want you to feel at your best just being who you are.

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