Tips for maintaining the perfect blonde tone

April 18, 2022

Tips for maintaining the perfect blonde tone

Love being blond, but the right tone is hard to maintain? Blondies usually have some maintenance issues, because blonde color is actually more vulnerable to its surroundings than any other shade. Blonde color can easily change its tone depending on natural elements such as water, sun and air pollution, your lifestyle and hair routines. 

However, blonde is a beautiful color and there is a way of maintaining the perfect blonde hair color. 

Here are some tips and tricks to help you maintain your blonde tone.

1. Keep your hair hydrated

Especially on winter the weather leaves your strands dry and full of static. This makes your hair color sensitive to dullness and it's why moisturizing your as a blonde is a key. 

Also when going to blonde, the bleaching process can be quite harsh on your hair and leaves your hair usually dry and brittle. To help you bring your shiny hair back to life, we recommend on using conditioning treatments or hair masks like Four Reasons Ultra Moisture Treatment or Conditioner, when washing your hair. 

Four Reasons Ultra Moisture Treatment intensively strengthens and conditions dry, damaged hair. Moisture Treatment contains provitamin B5 which repairs hair structure, restoring softness and shine. This treatment is suitable for all hair types and is 100% vegan and cruelty free. 

ultra moisture treatment


2. Use Blonde Shampoo

When washing your hair, you should use shampoo that is made for blonde hair. Especially, and if your blonde is going brassy a silver/purple shampoo is a must! We would recommend switching your regular shampoo and conditioner to blonde shampoo and conditioner and using silver Shampoo once a week to keep the yellow tones away. 

Unfortunately, a lot of blonde, silver, and purple shampoos can dry out hair. So how can you find the right shampoo? We recommend talking to your hairstylist to make sure you choose the correct product. Luckily, Four Reasons Professional No Yellow Shampoo and Four Reasons Original Blonde and Silver Shampoos are  designed by hair industry professionals and are manufactured from top quality, vegan ingredients, and they will definitely keep those unwanted shades away.

Find the Products Here:

Four Reasons Original Blonde Shampoo 

Four Reasons Original Silver Shampoo

Four Reasons Professional No Yellow Shampoo

 silver bundle

3. Use The Right Toning Treatment

Use a Conditioning Treatment that extends the life of your blonde hair color and keeps it intense. Also, there are a lot of different shades of blondes, so why not to switch the tone up sometimes? 

Four Reasons offers Color Mask Treatments for blondes, which give your hair strength and nourishment with the help of plant-based proteins and amino acids. You can use these just instead your traditional conditioner whenever you need to refresh that blond tone. Four Reasons Color Mask gives a vibrant blaze of color for your hair. 

Choose from these Color Mask shades that fit to your hair color:

Color Mask Silver

Color Mask Pearl

Color Mask Vanilla

Color Mask Champagne

color mask product image

4. Remember Heat Protectant

Colored blonde hair is prone to heat damage from curling irons, straighteners and hair dryers. When you are used to using these tools it is essential that you use a good heat protectant before styling your hair. This way your blonde color will stay vibrant longer. 

Luckily we have a product for you that combines the benefits of several products in a single spray! Four Reasons Professional Heat Shieldis a perfect fit for your blonde hair. This Heat Shield effectively protects hair from he heat of heated styling tools and prevents hair from becoming dry and damaged from heat styling. Heat Shield makes styling easier, hydrates and nourishes hair. 

heat shield model & product

Now you know the most important steps to start maintaining the perfect blonde tone, good luck!