Four Reasons Professional

Very Sensitive Strong Hairspray

Fragrance-free strong finishing spray

Four Reasons
- 01
No fragrance
- 02
No stiffness
- 03
No uncontrolled hair
- 04
Nothing unnecessary

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Lillie Freeman
Quality product

I am absolutely in love with this hair spray! I have been using it almost everyday for the last month and it has kept my hair in place all day long. My favorite thing about this hair spray is that it controls my frizz and lets my hair move naturally. It does not make my hair feel irritably stiff or smell weird either. I definitely got what I paid for.

Evelyn Phelps
Hairstylists Dream

As a person who loves to always put my hair in different styles this hairspray is the best choice that you think you are a professional stylists and so far have not let my hairstyle down.

Isabelle Nash
Odor Free

Great choice for people who does not want any smeel on this product especially those who have sensitvities in any scent.

Rhoda Ferguson
Perfect Curls All Day

Thanks to this hairspray I can have perfect curls all days, it really holds my curls while keeping it shiny anad bouncy.

Eleanor Williamson
No More Senstivie Scalp

I have a very sensitive scalp that easily dries up but since I started using it my scalp has not been irritated and not been drying up.