Four Reasons Professional

Very Sensitive Color Shampoo

Fragrance-free color-protecting shampoo

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Four Reasons
- 01
No fragrance
- 02
No faded color
- 03
No dryness
- 04
Nothing unnecessary

Customer Reviews

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Scent Free ✔️ Actually Cleans ✔️ Volume ✔️

Really have enjoyed this shampoo and conditioner! I’ve been using Free and Clear on my hair and it has never felt clean nor had much volume using it. Became greasy very quickly, but when you have to have scent free, you sometimes get what you get.This brand is awesome! My hair actually feels clean and has volume again. It is truly scent free as advertised. I would give the product itself a 5 star ⭐️, but putting a 4 star overall as the bottles are tough to squeeze the product out. Will buy again.

If you have allergens to perfume smells then these products are for uyou

First time I used was very impressed no stinky odor as I have allergies, will use all of their products! Thankyou

Amazon Customer
No scent for real!

There was no scent! My hair is starting to feel better and softer.

Finally landed on a product that works!

It took me about 3 years to find a shampoo and conditioner that would work for my hair. I am scent sensitive AND for whatever reason, I am sensitive to panthenol (provitamin B6). I alternate between the shampoo/conditioner for color treated hair and the moisturizing one. The shampoo for color treated hair doesn't strip my hair (I have very light brown, fine hair that has thinned a bit due to age, and I get it highlighted twice a year). It was really difficult to find a shampoo without panthenol that did not strip my hair, so I was really happy to finally find this. It's definitely worth a try if you've been hunting for a product with these specifications!

Meghan Kubek
Best fragrance free I’ve tried

I have terrible allergies to fragrance and this is fragrance free and doesn’t compromise moisture or texture.