Shampoo for Colored Hair: 10 Best Shampoos for Colored Hair + How to Choose

July 27, 2022

Shampoo for Colored Hair: 10 Best Shampoos for Colored Hair + How to Choose

This article covers everything you need to know about shampoo for colored hair. You’ll discover the 10 best shampoos for colored hair by Four Reasons.

If you’re still reading, chances are that you colored your hair and you need a high-quality shampoo for colored hair. Search no further! We have everything you need to keep your color-treated hair sparkling for as long as possible. We understand what you want, which is to prevent your color from fading quickly.

Given how expensive color-treating your hair can be, it’s advisable to take a step further to maintain the shine with a top-rated shampoo. Whether your hair is brunette, black, blonde, or red, you need good shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair to prevent color fading.

Chapter One

Shampoo for colored hair: 10 Best Shampoos for Color-Treated Hair 

Explore the top 10 shampoos for colored hair by Four Reasons. Click on each product to learn more about its ingredients and capabilities.

1. Color Shampoo


Color Shampoo Four Reasons Original
  • Color-protecting shampoo
  • Keeps colored hair moist and shiny
  • It’s vegan and contains no harsh ingredient
  • The packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Compliant with European manufacturing and quality specifications
  • Extends the life of colored hair
  • Contains protein extracts that prevent color from fading
  • Key ingredients: rice protein, rice extract, glycerin, glycerol, etc.

2. Brilliant Color Shampoo

  • Color-protecting shampoo for color-treated hair
  • Improves the brilliance of colored hair
  • It comes with a subtle peachy fragrance
  • Hydrates and enhances the glow of colored hair
  • Vegan and contains no harsh elements
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable packaging
  • It meets European manufacturing and quality standards
  • Contains keratin, olive extract, vegan formula, etc.

3. Color Mask Shampoo Red: Best for Colored Red Hair

  • Toning shampoo for colored red hair
  • Deposits vibrant red tone
  • It protects and keeps colored red  hair vibrant
  • Pigments in the product revive faded hair color and restore its shine
  • It’s sulfate-free
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Made with sustainable manufacturing practices
  • No ammonia or other harsh chemicals
  • Contains vegetable protein, vegan pigments, and vitamin B5
  • Pair with Color Mask Treatment Red for added brilliance

4.Color Mask Shampoo Bronze:Best for Colored Blonde or Light Brown Hair

  • Toning shampoo for colored blonde or light brown hair
  • Deposits a metallic bronze tone
  • Protects colored blonde or light brown hair 
  • It’s vegan and free of harsh chemicals
  • Packaging is recyclable
  • Compliant with European quality & reliability requirements
  • Revives faded color and restores its brilliance
  • Sulfate-free formula
  • Contains vegetable protein, vegan pigments, vitamin B5, and more

5.Color mask Shampoo Chocolate: Best for Colored Brown Hair

  • Toning shampoo for colored brown hair
  • Deposits a chocolate brown tone
  • Protects and enhances the shine of colored brown hair
  • Restores the shine of faded hair color
  • It’s sulfate-free and removes static
  • Combine with Color Mask Toning Treatment Chocolate for a great shampoo-conditioner combo
  • It’s safe, eco-friendly, and produced according to European manufacturing standards

6.Color Mask Shampoo Apricot: Best for Colored Blonde and Light Copper Hair

  • Toning shampoo for colored blonde and light copper hair
  • Deposits a light golden copper tone
  • Makes hair healthy and improves the brilliance of hair color
  • Restores the glow and shine of faded hair color
  • It’s sulfate-free
  • It cleanses hair properly and removes static
  • It’s safe and contains no harsh chemicals
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable packaging
  • Meets European regulatory requirements

7.Color Mask Shampoo Platinum: Best for Colored Light Blonde, Silver, or Gray Hair

  • Toning Shampoo for colored light blonde, silver, or gray hair
  • Gets rid of brassy yellow tones and deposits platinum blonde silver tone
  • Leaves hair colorful and healthy
  • Doesn’t contain sulfates
  • Protects colored hair and restores the glow of faded hair color
  • Vegan, eco-friendly, and compliant with European manufacturing standards
  • Contains vegetable protein, vegan color pigments, vitamin B5, and other key ingredients

8.Color Mask Shampoo Pearl: Best for Colored Light Blonde Hair

  • Toning shampoo for colored light blonde hair
  • Gets rid of brassy yellow tones
  • Incorporates pearlescent blonde tone
  • Restores the glow of faded hair color
  • Leaves hair healthy and visually appealing
  • It’s free of sulfates and other harsh elements
  • For great shampoo and conditioner combo, pair with Color Mask Toning Treatment Pearl
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Eco-friendly and compliant with European quality requirements.

9.Color Mask Shampoo Rose Pink: Best for Colored Blonde or Pink Hair

  • Toning shampoo for colored blonde or pink hair
  • Incorporates a bright pink tone
  • Restores the brilliance of faded hair color
  • Leaves hair healthy and better than before
  • Doesn’t contain sulfates and other strong additives
  • Contains vegetable protein, vegan color pigments, vitamin B5, etc.
  • Vegan and eco-friendly
  • Meets European manufacturing standards

10.Color Mask Shampoo Rose Gold: Best for Colored Blonde or Rose Gold Hair

  • Toning shampoo for colored blonde or rose gold hair
  • Deposits rose-gold tone
  • Protects colored hair 
  • Leaves hair healthy and colorful
  • Doesn’t contain sulfates and other strong additives
  • Safe, vegan, and eco-friendly
  • Compliant with European manufacturing standards

Are you finding it difficult to spot a product that perfectly suits your hair color tone? Don’t worry. We have got you covered. And we’re committed to making the shopping process easy and satisfactory for you. Find your perfect color mask shade with the straightforward quiz on our website. In addition to pigmented shampoos, we have color care conditioners designed to maintain the glow of your colored hair.

Chapter Two

Why is Shampoo for Colored Hair Important?

Shampoos for color-treated hair are beneficial in the following ways:

● Maintains the Shine of Colored Hair

If you are looking to keep the glow and shine of your color, using shampoo for color-

treated hair is the way to go. Many factors lead to the fading of colored hair, including frequent

washing and harsh environmental conditions. To make it last long enough, you’ve to slow down

fading with a high-quality shampoo for colored hair.

Restores the Glow of Faded Hair color

Has your color-treated hair lost its brilliance? You can quickly bring back its sparkle with the

use of a suitable shampoo. This will help you reduce the frequency of visits to the

salon and consequently enable you to save some money.

● Improves Hair Strength

Shampoos for dyed hair contain other helpful additives other than pigments or color-protecting ingredients. They cleanse the hair and scalp properly, thereby improving hair strength and appearance. 

For instance, our Color Mask Shampoo for light blonde hair contains vegetable protein, which repairs hair, and vitamin B5, which moisturizes and keeps hair hydrated.

● Protects Color-Treated Hair

Without protection, color pigments find their way out of the hair easily. Shampoos for dyed hair come with antioxidants, proteins, sunscreens, pH adjusters, and other hair care ingredients.

These ingredients protect and strengthen the hair cuticle, which stops pigments from leaking out. The result is long-lasting color retention. For example, Color Shampoo contains protein extracts that protect hair color from fading and help to retain its glow.

● Moisturizing Ingredients

shampoos for color-treated hair contain moisturizing agents. These ingredients play a vital role in delivering extra hydration to the hair. They protect over-processed hair from breakage or hair

loss. Without sufficient hydration, dyed hair can become brittle and predisposed to breakage.

● Scalp Care

It’s easy to forget the scalp when all your attention is on the colored hair. However, a healthy

scalp is necessary for healthy and good-looking hair. In some cases, the scalp gets affected in

the course of the color treatment. That said, shampoos for dyed hair help to improve scalp health.

The moisturizing ingredients help to protect the scalp from dryness, which can lead to other

severe scalp issues. pH adjusters help to prevent the distortion of the microbiome and chemical balance of the scalp.

For instance, a high or low pH could negatively impact the hair follicle’s microbiome. Some

scalp infections have been linked to this sort of imbalance. The antioxidants and extra

emollients help in keeping the scalp safe and healthy.

Chapter Three

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Shampoo for Colored Hair

Taking care of your colored hair can be demanding. And settling for the right product is the first step toward keeping beautiful color-treated hair. There are key factors to put into consideration when looking for a color mask shampoo. To boost your chances of choosing the most suitable product, give attention to the following:

1. Suitability

First of all, you need to be clear on the type of shampoo that your color needs. Shampoos for color-treated hair come in various formulas and color shades. To get the best result, you need to use a product that matches your hair tone and texture. Applying a shampoo that’s not compatible could accelerate color fading or leave your hair with a color shade you don’t like.

For instance, if your hair is red, a product like Color Mask Shampoo Red is what you need. It contains ingredients and pigments that are compatible with your color. Even if you opt for something different, it should be able to complement and intensify the red tone. 

2. Color-Protecting Ingredients

There is an important question you must ask: does the product contain color-protecting ingredients? In the absence of such additives or when they’re not in sufficient quantity, you risk washing off your hair’s sparkle down the drain.

And when possible, request more information on the color-protecting and color-depositing ability of the shampoo. Good color mask products contain a pigment-depositing formula, UV protection to slow down discoloration from the sun, nourishing ingredients to keep the hair healthy, and more.

3. Fragrance

Shampoos are scented and picking a suitable fragrance is highly important. A pleasant fragrance brightens your mood and feeling about the product you’re applying. The opposite is also true. No matter how good a beauty product is, you wouldn’t want an unpleasant scent to follow you everywhere. 

Since what’s a good scent or not is subjective to a large extent, you’ll have to ensure you choose the fragrance that suits your personal preferences.

4. Avoid Harsh Products

Some shampoos are formulated with clarifying and detoxifying formulas. Such products are too harsh for colored hair. Often, these formulas come with ingredients that are capable of stripping your hair of its pigments. Stick to products that are specifically formulated for color-treated hair.

5. Safety and Environmental Sustainability

Are there additives you’re allergic to? If yes, it’ll be in your best interest to thoroughly read the

product ingredients. When in doubt about what an ingredient means and the possible adverse

reaction (based on your health challenges), we strongly advise you to talk with your doctor. If

the name of a chemical resembles what you’re allergic to, take a step further to clarify.

If you’re looking for a gentle, hypoallergenic shampoo that is suitable for sensitive scalp, search no further than our No Nothing Sensitive Color Shampoo. It’s fragrance-free, 100% vegan, color-protecting, and specially formulated to protect hair color while nourishing and moisturizing hair.

In addition to considering your safety, consider environmental sustainability. To make the planet safer, opt for eco-friendly products. We promote environmental sustainability. As a result, our products are vegan, manufactured with renewable energy, and packaged using recyclable materials.

6. Product Quality

Where is the product manufactured? Does it meet quality assessment requirements in the region? These are crucial questions you need to ask. For instance, if shampoo is produced in one of the EU member states, it should pass the quality assurance tests of the European Union.

Check the product information to know more about its quality. Any product that’s worth your attention and hard-earned money should be clear on its compliance with relevant quality assurance agencies. When this info is missing, asking for the vendor or brand for it is the best way to go.

7. Affordability

Most things about life revolve around money and it’s one of the things to consider when shopping for your hair care products. Create a budget and look for a brand with offers that suit both your budget and needs. You can always get high-quality shampoos and conditioners at an affordable rate. Once again, Four Reasons stands out in this regard!

Chapter Four

How to Care for Your Colored Hair

In addition to getting the best product, there are colored hair care tips you need to know. These

best practices will enable you to preserve your color. Maintain your hair color with the following hair care tips:

  • Don’t Shampoo Until After 72 Hours of Color Treatment

  • Do you want your colored hair not to fade quickly? As a golden rule, you have to leave it for at least 72 hours after color treatment before shampooing. During coloring, your hair cuticle layer dilates. And the pigments penetrate the cells. For the color to stick properly, the cuticle cells have to close. 

    As long as they remain open, washing your hair will lead to an instant loss of color. It takes about three days for the cuticle layer to close fully. Waiting at least 72 hours before washing enables the pigments to soak in properly. This makes your color more difficult to wash off.

  • Wash Less Often

  • The more frequently you wash your hair, the more pigments you’re likely to wash down the drain. Each time you wash, you open the cuticles and make it easy for the color to find its way out of your hair. Consequently, you have to wash your hair less frequently. 

    As a general rule, we recommend washing your hair from 2 to 3 times a week. If your hair type requires some sort of special attention, talk to your stylist or reach out to experts to help you decide how often you should wash.

  • Adjust Water Temperature When Shampooing

  • You can aid the penetration of shampoo with heat when you’re washing non-colored hair. But with dyed hair, you have to do things differently. Washing with hot water will accelerate color fading. This is because hot water can quickly open your hair cuticles, thereby making it very easy for your color to wash out. 

    To avoid this, you have to make use of warm water (water temperature below your body temperature is recommended). After washing, condition and proceed to finish with cold water. Using cold water plays a vital role in closing your hair cuticles to slow down color fading.

  • If Possible, Avoid Heat Styling Tools

  • In addition to not using hot water while shampooing, you also need to avoid heat styling processes. Just like hot water, heat styling equipment can be harsh on your hair. Consequently, such processes are not suitable for delicate, color-treated hair. 

    Heat can disrupt overlapped cuticle cells or force them to open, thereby accelerating the loss of pigments in the course of styling. 

  • Use Heat Protectant Spray When Undergoing Heat styling

  • In some cases, it’s difficult to entirely avoid heat styling procedures. When going through such a hair care process is a must, we recommend using a heat protection spray, like our Heat Shield and Heat Styler. It provides thick layers of covering around the hair. This shields the hair from the severe impact of hot tools.

    In the same vein, always protect your hair from coming in contact with anything capable of causing discoloration. For instance, when going out to swim in chlorine-treated pools or salty water, put on a swimmer’s cap. You can take a step further to add a conditioner to your hair to form an additional layer of protection.

    Chapter Five

    Why Are Our Products the Best?

    Four Reasons is a leading beauty brand with an exhaustive range of best-of-breed hair care products. You can rely on our offers to get the jaw-dropping hair you have always dreamt of. With that said, let’s look at why our shampoos for colored hair stand out from the crowd:

    1. Innovative Products

    We have a wide collection of disruptive products aimed at taking the hair care game to the next level. We’re disrupting the market with vegan, high-quality products. With us, expect nothing less than the best!

    2. Best Quality

    Our products are produced using safe and sustainable manufacturing processes. Best of all, the products meet European quality assessment requirements. Whatever your needs are, we’re committed to making you smile with top-rated products.

    3. Efficacy

    Our products do exactly what the labels say they do. You don’t have to worry about the efficacy of our hair care solutions. From our scalp careblonde hair care, and frizz control to styling and treatment products, you can trust us for your hair care needs.

    Leverage our one-of-a-kind products to maintain your hair’s glow. We have a discounted offer to help you save up to 20%. For orders above $30, you stand to enjoy free shipping. To know more about our offerings and how we can help you, contact us today. We’ll be happy to attend to your needs.