Scalp Care Shampoo: 6 Best Scalp Care Shampoos + How to Pick

November 13, 2022

Scalp Care Shampoo: 6 Best Scalp Care Shampoos + How to Pick

Learn everything you need to know about scalp care shampoo in this content. We have recommended the best scalp care shampoos to help you choose the product that suits your needs.

Are you dealing with an itchy, inflamed, or oily scalp? You’re not alone. Scalp issues are common. And many people are suffering from one or more scalp problems. The good news is that there are products you can use to restore your scalp’s health. This is where a scalp care shampoo comes in!

A healthy scalp is vital for maintaining the type of hair you have always wanted. In other words, it takes a healthy scalp to have good-looking hair. Apart from the discomfort that comes with bad scalp conditions, you also stand to lose your hair’s sparkle. 

To help you take better care of your scalp (and hair), we have recommended the 6 best scalp care products. Check them out and thank us later!

Chapter One

6 Best Scalp Care Shampoos

Explore top-rated scalp care shampoos by Four Reasons, an outstanding brand that’s widely known for its vegan, high-quality hair care products.

1. Scalp Care Shampoo:Best for Dandruff and Itchy, Irritated Scalp

  • Ideal for treating dandruff and itchy scalp
  • It meets strict European quality assessment standards
    • Contains climbazol and piroctone olamine that help with dandruff and itchy scalp
    • Nourishes and prevents scalp issues
    • Contains menthol that leaves a refreshing, cool feeling
    • Safe, cruelty-free, and vegan
    • Produced using sustainable manufacturing processes
    • Packaging is recyclable

    2. Scalp Calming Shampoo:Best for Dry, Itchy, and Flaky Scalp

  • Good for dry, sensitive, and flaky scalp
  • High-quality product that went through strict European quality assessment
      • Leaves a pleasant scent
      • As the name suggests, it restores calm and health to the scalp
      • It contains pea protein that moisturizes the scalp
      • It has natural betaine that improves hair strength and makes it soft and shiny
      • 100% vegan
      • Produced in Finland using renewable energy
      • Packaged with recyclable materials
      • Safe and devoid of harsh elements
  • Contains piroctone olamine that is helpful against dry, itchy, and flaky dandruff
  • 3. Scalp Refreshing Tea Tree Oil Shampoo:Best for Flaky, Itchy Scalp

  • Good for oily scalp, oily hair, or oily dandruff
  • It meets quality assurance requirements in Europe
    • It moisturizes and helps with a flaky, irritated scalp
    • Comes with a thrilling fragrance
    • Contains menthol that leaves a refreshing and calming sensation
    • Pair with Scalp Refreshing Conditioner for an improved result
    • Safe and doesn’t contain harsh additives
    • Produced through eco-friendly processes and packaged with recyclable materials

    4. Scalp Scrub Shampoo: Best for Moisturizing and Exfoliating the Scalp

  • Exfoliating and moisturizing shampoo
  • High-quality product that is compliant with European quality requirements
      • Gets rid of impurities and scalp build-ups
      • Contains organic rice grains and lactic acid for thorough and gentle cleansing
      • It refreshes the scalp and gets rid of dandruff
  • Good for treating flaky scalp
    • Can be used for preventive measures once or twice a week
    • Enjoy a pleasant bergamot fragrance
    • 100% vegan and produced in Finland with renewable energy

    5. Deep Cleansing Shampoo:Best for an Oily Scalp

  • Gets rid of build-ups and impurities properly
  • European quality and reliability
    • Apply before conditioning treatments or direct dyes
    • Perfect for weekly use
    • Don’t use frequently on colored hair
    • Created from the best ingredients
    • Vegan and safe
    • Packaged in eco-friendly material

    6. Scalp Care Bundle

    • This offer enables you to save on your order
    • Choose two scalp care products and save 15%
    • Products available include Scalp Calming Shampoo, Scalp Refreshing Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, and Scalp Scrub Shampoo

    In addition to scalp care products, we have other products you can use to maintain healthy and visually adorable hair. Check out our shampoosconditioners, and products for hair treatmentstyling, and toning.

    If you’re looking to protect your colored haircare for your blonde hair, or to repair & strengthen your hair, we have all you need. Our products are vegan and they’re designed to make your good hair days great and even the bad ones better.

    Chapter Two

    Common Scalp Issues and Why You Need a Scalp Care Shampoo

    A healthy scalp is vital for keeping brilliant and problem-free hair. It’s the condition of the scalp that determines what becomes of the hair. In this chapter, we’ll take a look at the common scalp issues and the role of shampoos in restoring health and glow.

    Here are the most common scalp problems: Itchiness, dryness, bumps & burning sensation, bad odor, extreme oiliness, dandruff, and more. We’ll explore the cause of each problem and why you need a scalp shampoo.

    • Itchy Scalp

    This is a common scalp problem that is a symptom of other underlying issues. Many things could cause an itchy scalp, including dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, and fungal infections. An itchy scalp is discomforting (and embarrassing) and prevents people from enjoying healthy, good-looking hair.

    The good news is that a shampoo for an itchy scalp can help you. It comes with ingredients that soothe the scalp, prevent inflammation, and stop itching. A common additive for calming itchy scalp is menthol, which refreshes the scalp while other ingredients address the underlying factors.

    Shampoos also help to keep infections away. With our Scalp Scrub Shampoo, you can effectively cleanse the scalp and get rid of impurities & buildups that form breeding grounds for microorganisms.

    • Dry, Flaky Scalp

    When your scalp isn’t adequately moisturized, dryness results. And if not handled properly and on time, other issues like flakes and itching follow. Many factors can cause the scalp to become extremely dry. Soap, detergent, stress, and changes in weather can be culprits here. 

    Overuse of harsh hair care products can also lead to a dry scalp. Internal health challenges, like the inability of the follicles to secrete enough oil to moisturize the scalp, are among the causes of dry scalp

    There are shampoos specially formulated to remedy this condition. They contain ingredients that moisturize the scalp and work on the underlying causes of the problem. The use of hair care products with harsh additives can worsen the problem. So, we recommend a mildmoisturizing shampoo and Scalp Revitalizing Tonic if you’re dealing with a dry scalp.

    • Bumps and Burning Sensation

    Bumps and burning sensations are signs of an inflamed scalp. Inflammation can be caused by a lot of triggers, including the use of strong hair care products, infections, and other skin conditions. If it’s severe, you’ll need the help of a doctor to combat the inflammation and get rid of the pain.

    That said, using a scalp shampoo helps to get rid of inflammation. Products that contain ingredients that can calm the scalp and leave a refreshing feeling are helpful. While the underlying causes are being addressed, Scalp Calming Shampoo helps to treat irritation and pain.

    • Extreme Oiliness

    When there is hypersecretion of sebum, the oil that keeps the scalp moisturized and prevents infection, a scalp condition commonly referred to as extreme oiliness results. Sebum is vital for the optimal functioning of the scalp. If you have an oily scalp, there’s a shampoo for oily scalp to help you restore normalcy.

    • Bad Odor

    Impurities, build-ups, dandruff, and other scalp conditions can cause your scalp to give off an unpleasant smell. This challenge can be quickly addressed using deep cleansing shampoo with a refreshing fragrance. A pleasant scent takes care of the odor while the shampoo works to get rid of the root cause.

    • Dandruff 

    This is probably the most mentioned scalp and hair condition. Dry skin, improper hair care routine, allergic reactions, fungal infections (e.g. Malassezia), and other conditions predispose the scalp to dandruff. 

    Products like Scalp Revitalizing Tonic and Scalp Care Shampoo are good for treating dandruff and itchy scalp. You can always restore the health of your scalp with the use of the right scalp care products. No matter the type of scalp problem you’re dealing with, there’s a remedy for it. All you need is the right product and a good scalp care routine.

    Chapter Three

    Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Scalp Care Shampoo

    Choosing the right scalp shampoo can be overwhelming due to the wide range of brands out there and the numerous types of products on the market. To boost your chances of making the best choice, here are the crucial factors to take into consideration:

    1. What Are Your Needs?

    Choosing the most suitable product starts with being clear about your needs. Do you have an oily scalp? Is your scalp dry, flaky, and itchy? Are you dealing with dandruff?

    Whatever your case is, you need a significant understanding of the problem to select the right product. For example, a shampoo formulated for oily scalp won’t give the best results when used on a dry scalp. 

    If you’re having a hard time figuring out what the problem is, talk to your hairstylist. Talking to your doctor is recommended if you’re suspecting a severe health condition or an infection.

    2. Choose the Most Suitable Product

    Finding a product that perfectly addresses your condition can be time-consuming, especially when you’re dealing with more than one scalp condition. For instance, if your scalp is oily and itchy with dandruff, you’ll need a product with active ingredients for each problem.

    When finding the perfect product for your scalp problems becomes difficult, don’t settle for what you think can be helpful. Take a step further to ask for assistance. On our website, we have a responsive customer care service. You can always reach out to us. An expert will answer your questions and possibly recommend the product that is most suitable for your needs.

    3. Consider Quality

    How do you spot effective products? There’s a quick way to score a product (in terms of quality) or ascertain whether it’s to be trusted or not. Knowing where a product was produced and the quality assessment procedures it went through will give you an insight into its quality.

    As a general rule, any product that’s worth your hard-earned money should have a piece of clear information about where it’s manufactured and the quality assurance tests. For example, our high-quality hair care products are produced in Europe and they meet strict European quality requirements.

    4. Ingredients

    Are there some specific ingredients you think your scalp needs? Don’t assume a product contains everything you want. Go through the list of ingredients to confirm. 

    Let’s take for instance an irritated, itchy scalp. Amongst other ingredients, there is a need for an additive like menthol that can refresh the scalp and leave a cooling sensation. Such a component must be present in a product you’re considering for your irritated, itchy scalp.

    5. Are there Ingredients to Avoid?

    Ensure a product lacks harsh additives before making a purchase. This is crucial if your scalp

    needs mild shampoo. Also, check for allergens. If you’re sensitive to certain chemicals, it’s

    advisable to consider them when shopping for shampoo. Avoid strong ingredients that can

    worsen your scalp condition.

    In this regard, all our products are formulated with ingredients that ‘pamper’ the scalp. Our No Nothing product line features products that are free of common sensitizing or irritating ingredients, making them a great choice for sensitive skin and for those who want to avoid hidden fragrance chemicals. 

    In addition to offering vegan products, we’re also committed to promoting environmental sustainability with green manufacturing practices and recyclable packaging.

    How to Apply Scalp Care Shampoo + Best Practices

    When it comes to using shampoo, there are little details that make a lot of difference. Failing to observe certain best practices can negatively impact your result. Let’s take a look at how to use shampoo and some best practices.

    Here’s how to apply a scalp shampoo:

  • Apply the Right Quantity Using the Recommended Water Temperature
  • Saturate your hair with water. Squirt the right amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand

    and apply it to your scalp. 

    Hot water is not recommended for any scalp issues. High temperatures can cause dry scalp by removing natural oil from the scalp, which can lead to dandruff and itchiness. It can also cause burning, redness, and damage to your scalp tissue - resulting in irritation and inflammation.

  • Massage Until it Lathers
  • Keep massaging into your scalp until it lathers. Pay attention to your scalp following the instructions on the product. Work on your scalp until the recommended length of time elapses.

  • Rinse Properly
  • Next, rinse your hair and scalp properly.

    Here are some best practices:

  • Read and Follow the Product Instruction
  • It’s not safe to assume you know how to use a product when you have not gone through the product instructions. Such an approach (which is common) can lead to serious mistakes. To be sure of what you’re doing, get to know how the manufacturer wants you to use the product. 

    Next, be disciplined enough to follow the guide - even when you don’t feel you should. Some of the things to look out for include frequency of use, quantity to apply, and the type of water to use.

  • Frequency of Use
  • Washing your hair more frequently than recommended (especially with strong shampoo) can worsen your scalp problem. On the other hand, not giving your hair proper attention with the right shampoo can lead to build-ups - which may worsen whatever you’re dealing with. 

    You have to strike the balance. Do what the product manual says and adjust (if the need arises) until you get the best result.

  • Know When to See a Dermatologist
  • Common scalp conditions can be remedied with shampoos and other hair care products. However, some severe skin issues are better handled with the intervention of a dermatologist. If your scalp challenge persists, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with your doctor.

    Chapter Four

    How to Care for Your Scalp: 5 Scalp Care Tips

    If you’re looking to maintain a healthy scalp, there are some scalp care best practices you need to adopt. It takes a good hair care routine to have a healthy scalp. That said, give attention to the following:

    1. Stay Away from Harsh Products

    Using products that are formulated with harsh additives is not good for the scalp. If you’re already having some scalp issues, you have to avoid anything that can hurt your scalp or distort its microbial balance.

    2. Improve Your Scalp Health with Good Diet

    A balanced diet improves scalp health. It has been suggested that food containing fatty omega-3s, zinc, iron, etc enhances hair appearance and texture. Supplements, nuts, fruits, and vegetables can help you keep the scalp healthy.

    2015 study suggests that fish oil supplements can help improve hair growth and strength. In another study, it was reported that omega-3, omega-6, and antioxidants have a positive impact on hair health. So, a diet rich in these nutrients can help improve your scalp health.

    3. Keep Your Scalp Moisturized

    Making sure your scalp is adequately moisturized is crucial, especially if you’re dealing with a dry scalp. Use a scalp moisturizer. Keeping it moisturized works in synergy with sebum to protect your scalp from dryness and infections.

    4. Proper Hygiene

    You can keep off infections by taking good care of your scalp. A good number of scalp issues are linked to infections. Get rid of impurities and build-ups using a scalp scrub shampoo and ensure you avoid anything that distorts your scalp’s microbial balance.

    5. Home Remedies

    There are home remedies you can leverage to manage your scalp issues. Common natural products you can use to treat the scalp include tea tree oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, mashed bananas, yogurt & egg, jojoba oil, and more.

    Chapter Five

    Why Should You Trust Our Products?

    Looking to find out why you should choose Four Reasons scalp care products over others on the market? If that sound like you, here are the four reasons you should embrace our products:

    1. We Offer Innovative Products

    Are you looking for one-of-a-kind products that stand out from regular products? Search no further than our website. We understand that hair care enthusiasts want something different. And we’re committed to offering products that ‘speak’ quality, luxury, and efficacy.

    2. High Quality

    Our products are manufactured in Europe. And they all meet European quality specifications. In addition, they’re produced using green energy and sustainable manufacturing procedures. The packaging is also recyclable. With us, you’re sure of nothing less than the best.

    3. Highly Effective

    Our products are formulated using high-quality ingredients. They do what the labels or descriptions say. With us, you don’t have to worry about efficacy. All other factors being equal, you’re bound to see amazing results with our hair care products.

    4. Wide Range of Products

    We have many types of scalp shampoos to choose from. No matter what your scalp problem is, there are products with the right set of ingredients to handle it. If you need other types of hair care products, we’re your go-to brand. 

    From products for frizz control and moisture & hydration to volume & texture enhancement products, we have a wide range of collections. Our products are vegan and made from high-end ingredients. We take pride in helping our customers get the healthy and visually appealing hair they have always wanted.

    There is a package you can leverage to save a significant amount of money. With our  Bundle & Save package, you can save up to 20%.

    You stand to enjoy free shipping on orders above $30. We’re committed to going the extra mile to ensure you have a thrilling shopping experience. Get in touch with us any time, any day. We’ll be happy to lend a helping hand.