How to get a unique hair color - mixing Four Reasons Color Mask shades

April 12, 2022

How to get a unique hair color - mixing Four Reasons Color Mask shades

In the Four Reasons Color Mask selection, you will find toning shampoos and intensive treatments that allow you to tint your hair at home subtly or boldly - just the way you want it. The conditioning, vegan and pigment-rich composition prolongs the life of the hair dye and makes it more intense. Do you want to give your blonde hair a new shade or deepen your brown color? Or would you do a unique color with mixing different shades? Either way - the best friend of your dyed hair won’t let your glow fade.

All Four Reasons Color Mask shampoos and intensive treatments are ammonia-free, 100% vegan and packaged in recyclable plastic. Remember that tinted Four Reasons Color Mask products are currently applied to treated hair!

How to, get that unique shade?

In the Four Reasons Color Mask collection you can find 20 different shades. These Color Mask shades can be mixed which enables you to create different unique shades. Here are some tips on how to get different unique shades:

1. Vibrant Copper

Forever chasing the perfect vibrant copper? Remixing Color Mask Copper and Color Mask Red Copper might be your perfect match. A color that's indulgently rich and just yours!

copper model

2. Chocolate Copper

Brown and Copper shades blend together beautifully. Mix Color Mask Chocolate and Color Mask Red Copper to get that dark brown hair with Copper Hues. The blend creates a beautiful natural look!

male color mask model

3. Dark Chocolate

For the perfect brown tone mix our Color Mask Chocolate and Color Mask Coffee. With this mix you can find the perfect brown color in the middle. Color Mask Chocolate provides those light warm brown tones and Color Mask Chocolate balances the tone with a cooler, darker, brown tone. 

coffee model

4. Golden Copper

A blend of copper and gold tones?! Yes please. With mixing Color Mask Toffee and Color Mask Caramel you can get the most vivacious candy-like shade. I mean who does not want to have an edible hair?

toffee & caramel model

5. The Perfect Red

Forever chasing the perfect red? Mixing Color Mask in Red and Color Mask Red in Copper might just be the right red tone for you! Get the perfect "barely copper" shade with this remix. 

color mask red model

6. Platinum Pearl Blonde

For an iridescent shade of champagne, remix Color Mask in Pearl and Color Mask in Silver. This might be the perfect color refresh for your icy blonde!

pearl model

7. Cool Toffee

For that cool toffee tone, remix our Color Masks in Caramel (1/3), Silver (1/3), and Vanilla (1/3).

8. Frosty Pink

Remix Color Mask Pearl with a drop of our Color Mask Red to get the gorgeous Frosty Pink shade. 

9. Rusty Red

A Mix of Color Mask Caramel with a hint of Red, is a key to getting that rusty red tone. We would recommend you using 3/4 of Color Mask Caramel and 1/4 of Red.

10. Sandy Beige

For the unique beige hair, combine our Color Mask in Vanilla with Color Mask Caramel. We would recommend using 2/3 of Vanilla and 1/3 caramel to get that perfect sandy beige.

Be bold, and try to mix any of your favorite Color Masks. Let's all be unique. Find all the shades here.