Best Clarifying Shampoos for Colored and Curly Hair

November 29, 2022

Best Clarifying Shampoos for Colored and Curly Hair

This article covers everything on the best clarifying shampoos by Four Reasons. Continue reading to find a suitable product for your hair.


    Does your hair occasionally feel dirty, heavy, limp, and out of sorts even after shampooing? In that case, you must introduce clarifying shampoos to your hair care routine. These clarifying shampoos are efficient for exfoliating hair impurities regular shampoos can’t dissolve.

    The best clarifying shampoos cut through layers of dirt, buildups, and other impurities to purify your hair without endangering it. Please keep reading to discover effective clarifying shampoo for your hair.

    Best Clarifying Shampoos by Four Reasons

    Four Reasons is an iconic hair care brand with unique plant-based formulas for purifying and beautifying the scalp and hair. 

    We understand there’s nothing like a one-size-fits-all product with hair care. Hence, we have unique products for various hair types. For example, the best clarifying shampoo for curly hair does not contain the same ingredient as the ideal product for those with colored hair.

    Check out our clarifying shampoos for unique hair types below. Then, click on the products for comprehensive details about their deep cleansing capabilities.

      Best for Moisturizing Oily Hair: Deep Cleansing Shampoo

      • Thoroughly purge styling product buildup, dirt, and other impurities on the hair
      • Best for all hair types.
      • Removes hard water deposits from the tresses
      • Adds a dose of oomph to the hair
      • Prevents microbial attacks on the scalp
      • Resets the natural pH of the hair back to slightly acidic
      • Ensures the growth of healthy, bouncy hair
      • Allows for better absorption of moisture 
      • Excellent for deep cleansing of both the scalp and hair.
      • It’s plant-based, and the packaging is eco-friendly
      • Allows for easy styling of the hair
      • We didn’t test on animals during the clinical phase. Hence, it’s cruel-free.
      • Adds sufficient moisture to the hair and scalp
      • Makes for easy styling of the hair.
      • It adds a refreshingly cool sensation to the scalp
      • Makes hair conditioning easier
      • Best for removing excess grease from the hair

      If you’re looking for an anti-flattening conditioner that’ll boost the volume of your hair after a deep cleansing session, you should have a go at ourVolumizing Conditioner. It’s 100% plant-based and suitable for all hair types. 

      Best for Moisturizing Colored Hair: Deep Cleanse Shampoo

      • Prevents the brassiness of blonde and colored hair
      • Best for exfoliating impurities, dirt, and other styling product deposits on the hair without tampering with the hair color
      • Softens and moisturizes the hair
      • Keeps the scalp fresh and sufficiently clean
      • Boosts the natural volume of the hair
      • It keeps the hair healthy at the root.
      • It makes the hair shiny and bouncy.
      • Improves the efficacy of subsequent structural treatment on the hair
      • Enhances the color of the hair
      • Soothes itchy scalp
      • Eco-friendly packaging
      • 100% vegan
      • Removes hard water minerals deposits on the hair
      • Makes limp hair vibrant

      In addition to sticking to shampoos specifically made to cater to colored hair, you must follow up on shampooing with other hair care products that won’t trigger brassiness in your hair color.

      In this case, we recommend you to follow up colored-hair deep cleansing with Brilliant Color Conditioner by Four Reasons. It’s a vegan conditioner that protects and adds a beautiful shine to your tone while adding moisture to the hair.

      What are Clarifying Shampoos?

      Clarifying shampoos are “regular shampoos” that do more than moisturize and wash dirt out of the hair. They have additional powers that make them ideal for removing gunks and toxins on the hair.

      The dominant presence of surfactants and chelating agents in clarifiers is responsible for their profound cleansing effects.

      You’ve got the best clarifying shampoos  if it contains surfactants and chelating agents like 

      1. EDTA complexes
      2. Ammonium-sodium lauryl sulfate
      3. Cetyl-fatty alcohols
      4. And bromides or chlorides

      Unlike their clarifying counterparts, regular shampoos lack these elements in sufficient quantities. And they’re the reason why clarifying shampoos can attract and dissolve accumulated dirt, buildups, and toxins responsible for making the hair heavy, lifeless, and difficult to manage.

      Why Do You Need Clarifying Shampoos?

      Over time, the interaction of various elements like hard water minerals, silicone buildup from styling products, and chemical deposits, among others, will manifest in the form of flakes, dandruff, or a weighed-down lifeless hair. 

      We know you don’t want that. And that’s why you should occasionally use clarifying shampoos for perfect cleansing.

      • Removes product buildup on the hair and scalp

      The continuous use of styling products like mist, shampoo, conditioner, and gels leads to accumulating residues that form microfilm on the scalp. It’ll eventually become so much that it weighs down on the hair, drys out the moisture, and cause hair to frizz. 

      • Keeps the hair sufficiently clean

      Clarifying shampoos are the best means of getting rid of excess grease in your hair. And as a matter of fact, they’ll not completely remove all the oil in your hair, but they’ll even it out sufficiently, so your hair is not difficult to manage. 

      • Counters the adverse reaction to swimming

      Deep cleansing is a hair detox that’ll help you avoid the formation of a green tinge on your hair due to exposure to chlorinated water. And if you’ve got blonde hair, it’ll also help in preventing brassiness.

      If you’re a frequent goer to swimming pools and have dry hair, the best clarifying shampoo for curly hair for post-swim cleansing is Deep Cleansing Shampoo by Four Reasons. It‘s efficient for moisturizing the hair and cleansing out all impurities.

      • Ensures the balance of natural pH

      The ideal pH for healthy hair is between ​​4.5 to 5.5; if a litmus test shows your hair’s on the alkaline scale, you should get a clarifying shampoo to reset the natural pH balance.

      The slightly acidic pH of the hair ensures overall hair health, and any disruption would cause the loss of moisture, stunted hair growth, and brittle, dry, and limp hair.

      • Hair volume booster

      Clarifying shampoos will get you a full head of hair as it can eliminate the external assailants acting as a burden on your hair. 

      A good clarifying shampoo will collect all the impurities and excess oil on the scalp and hair root, restoring the strength of the hair at the root in the process, and your hair will perk up.

      • Makes hair styling easier

      Hair styling becomes a hassle when the dirt and buildup sit deep-rooted. Instead, use a suitable clarifying shampoo to remove the impurities. This will help your hair to be more receptive to the styling products and consequently enhance your hair’s radiance.

      Additionally, applying a suitable clarifying shampoo guarantees overall scalp health. So, the benefits of using these shampoos are not limited to the hair. So what’s the best clarifying shampoo for colored hair rockstars? It would be our Deep Cleanse Shampoo. Its unique formula makes it practical for sloughing hair without bleaching the color. It’s suitable for all colors, including blonde, green, red, or whatever color your hair is.

      How to Use Clarifying Shampoos

      You’ll use your clarifying shampoos the same way as other types of shampoos. You only have to be strategic with the frequency. For example, if you’re constantly going to the swimming pool, you can use it after every swim to remove chlorine from your hair.

      1. Apply a small amount of clarifying shampoo to your wet scalp. Massage it thoroughly through the entire hair length until it becomes sudsy.
      2. Leave in your hair for up to 120 seconds. This allows it to collect impurities and break them down.
      3. Rinse the lather out completely with clean water.
      4. Apply a leave-in conditioner to replenish the lost moisture.

      If the shampoo does not lather (enough) on the first application, it’s because the hair is extremely dirty. So, try a second application. Only this time, let the shampoo sit in your hair for up to three minutes before rinsing the impurities.

      You also don’t have to replace your moisturizing shampoos with clarifiers. However, clarifying shampoos should be used less often. Maybe once a week or once a month. While they’re efficient for sloughing impurities, oil, and dirt from the hair, using them too often can lead to dry hair, among other damages.


      Although the basic function of all types of shampoos, including the best clarifying shampoo, is to make the hair squeaky clean. You’ll not get the most desirable results sticking to clarifiers alone.

      This is why you should consider adding Four Reasons Professional Multi-Benefit Detangling Spray to your hair care regimen for enhanced results. They’re best for all hair types and are very affordable at a discounted price of 20%. You can also leverage our free shipping incentive for orders above $30.