Four Reasons Professional

No nothing Very Sensitive Multispray

Fragrance-free styling spray

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Four Reasons
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No fragrance
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No flatness
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No crunchy hair
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Fiorella Vega Diaz

The person in the store was amazing and so friendly, product that she recommended me is bomb

Scent free

If you are sensitive to products this is a good option. It is scent free and free of harmful ingredients. The all natural hairspray reminds me a lot of sea salt spray. My hair dries the same and it sets the same. It isn't an aersol and it doesn't dry automatically like hairspray. It doesn't have a scent but it does have a smell to it, if that makes sense. It wets your hair down and then it air dries. Not my favorite but it did hold my hair and prevent frizz. I'm on day 2 since washing my hair and using that hairspray and it's still curled and doing well, even after running this morning.

Left my hair feeling stringy

While this stuff did work to keep the frizz away it also left my hair feeling stringy. It helped for a little while to keep my hair style in place, but not long enough to last an evening. If were to use one word to describe the product, it would be "ehh."

Good for if you can't have scented products

I used this product once and didn't really notice much of an effect. Probably would be better on damp hair. There isn't a strong scent so that would be great for people who can't use scented products.

Scarlett G
Nice spray

I bought this for the heat protection which is a hard thing to comment on as I don’t really know whether it’s working or not. I like the ingredients, that there’s nothing harmful in this, and it has little to no scent which I know could be a selling factor for some people. The bottle sprays nicely and it’s easy to use