Four Reasons Professional

Very Sensitive Moisture Treatment

Fragrance-free moisturizing treatment

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Four Reasons
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No fragrance
- 02
No dryness
- 03
No rough & crunchy hair
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Nothing unnecessary

Customer Reviews

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Loretta S.
Not heavy

Don't need to over use or use much. It rinses out well and leaves a good feel to the hair.

Gigi’s Giants
Repair pool damage

It’s saving my treated hair! I use this on my ends 2 times a week to repair/protect from chlorine damage from swimming often.

Amazon Customer
scent free

love this conditioner, no smell

T Nycole T
Works for dry hair and doesn't have irritants

This is a good conditioner for sensitive scalps. It doesnt have any perfumes and is only made with non irritating products. It's also safe for asthmatics which I like as I do have asthma. I've never had any hair products cause me issues with my asthma before though either. I like that my hair feels moisturized and soft when I use this. It leaves my hair looking shiny and healthy as well as easy to comb through. All in all, I'm very happy with this natural conditioner and I love that it doesn't have any extra ingredients in it that cause me irritation.

Neutral scent. Moist, but too slinky.

Lovely line, just made my fine hair a bit too limp, lackluster, without added after-shampoo product such as. But moist; yet, I have fine, thinning hair. I am enjoying the look and feel -- not too much lather, not too much scent, feels healthy. I am enjoying the super cute, and entertaining custom illustrations on the bottles and tubes.One of these bottles is not opening as it should.I am using these all, loving the money for value. I like the dandruff formula at the moment; though, I am happy with the moisture, and body formulas, respectively.These are not harsh in any way, yet I am not sure my hair has the luster and body after I apply my regimen of hair oil and moisturizing gel. Without those my hair frizzes no matter the shampoo and conditioner.I have a few favorites from other reviews I have done. I just feel that if you need value for money you can count on these. Just prepare for the slinkiness, if that is not your thing.Enjoy