Four Reasons Professional

No nothing Very Sensitive Moisture Mist

Fragrance-free moisturizing spray

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Four Reasons
- 01
No fragrance
- 02
No dryness
- 03
No rough & crunchy hair
- 04
Nothing unnecessary

Customer Reviews

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Lara A. Herzog
Mom likes it!

My mother has allergies to every kind of added fragrance and chemical, and this product makes her happy, I can't ask anything more than that! Thank you!

Gigi’s Giants
Length saver

Makes brushing my hair so much easier! My hair is long, like past my elbows long, and unscented products tend to leave it very tangly. This spray has shortened my brush time dramatically.My daughter also cries way less now that we use this detangler on her hair when brushing

Great Product!

I use this every time I wash my hair. Spray on wet or dry hair. Keeps the fly-aways under control and super smooth finish.

Amazon Customer
Does condition, but has a noticeable scent

The shampoo works well and little to no smell. The conditioner works ok, goes on like a lotion almost, no lather, and has more of a smell. The spray conditioner leave in does add softness to hair but the smell I like the least out of all of them . I believe it is from the avocado in it. I would recommend it, but I will try something else in the future as I’m not in love with it. I would call it a solid back up product.

Good stuff

Great product. No fragrance just as it says. Made my hair softer