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No nothing Very Sensitive Dry Shampoo

Fragrance-free dry shampoo

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Four Reasons
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No fragrance
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No greasy hair
- 03
No flatness
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Nothing unnecessary

Customer Reviews

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Molly Maguire
Love love love

I love how light and effective No Nothing Very Sensitive Dry Shampoo is. There is a slight residue but if you massage it into your scalp/roots and hit it with a quick shot of air from the blowdrier it’s like you washed your hair. How I use it: I like to put it in after blow drying (because I like running my fingers through freshly blown out hair and this helps absorb the oils on my hands as well as scalp) to extend the life of the blowout. Then I’ll use it again on day 3 or 4. I have found that this really works for me.

No smell, no itching, reasonably effective

I use dry shampoo on my 3rd day hair so it looks ok until after my workout when I wash it. This dry shampoo does not have the best staying power, but if you use a lot, it works. At first I tried a light mist of the product, and it looked better at first, but 2 hours later was a total grease pit, looked much worse than if I'd done nothing. Now I use about 3x as much as I think I should need, and that seems to last through the day. It has no smell, and does not cause itching of my scalp.Tresemme unscented works as well for half the price.

Candace Hicks
A firm YES to this dry shampoo!

I’m allergic to everything! I have tried many dry shampoos and can’t stand the smell they leave which leaves me sneezing all day. This dry shampoo is amazing!! No strong scent, keeps my hair looking clean and not flat. I love this!

Totally unscented, a perfect product for a quick style refresh!

This product is perfect fit for people who are sensitive to strong smells. Many dry shampoos are overly scented but this one is totally perfume free. My hair is quite dark and you can see a little bit of residue right after spraying but after I brushed my hair it blended in. My hair feels refreshed and not at all heavy. This product would be perfect for a camping trip. I would also recommend gifting this to a new mom! Maybe a baby shower present!

The best dry shampoo

I absolutely love this dry shampoo. It is light, while adding excellent volume to my roots. This is the first dry shampoo that doesn’t irritate my scalp and works for my hair. I no longer have to wash my hair daily. The scent is nice as well. The spray leaves a slight bit white residue, which brushes off easily.